Useful Ebike Tools and Accessories

Although we have a great selection of products on our site. Here is a list or products we don’t carry that I recomend from Amazon to help you complete your Ebike experience.

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If you want a good all around tool kit, this kit from Bafang is 26 tools in one. 

Bikehand also seems to make a well rounded 17 peice tool kit


If you want only what you need to get the bottom bracket out you can try this combo set.

Or maybe you only need individual tools.

Pedal Wrench.  If you have a spanner that will fit to remove the pedals from the pedal arms You don’t need this tool. But in most cases standard spanner wrenches are to thick to fit.


Pedal arm Removal tool – This is a must have tool. You will not get the pedal arms off without it.


Bottom Bracket Removal tool 

BBS02 or BBSHD Installation Spanner

Bafang Speedometer Extension Cable

Bafang Chain rings

Thumb shifters for when your current shifters are in the way

Bafang Brake Sensors

Thud Buster. The best shock absorbing seat post.

Although we have a good selection of freewheels, you may want a cassette for the 8-10 cassette version of the Magic Pie Edge


I have tried several phone mounts that are very useful for the iOS and Android Apps This one I really like as I can keep my case on my phone when using it


This is another case I use. It is very good but you need to use the case that comes with it.


This one is just a cheap quick and easy case I also use. Although it works it does flop around a bit.


Looking for somewhere to put your external controller. This is what I use under the seat and they work well. Look for larger flexible ones that allow some “breathing” to cool the controller


Sometimes its easier to use a handle bar bag. I have used both methods for storing the external controller


These are the tires I use on my townie 26 x 2.35


These are the tires I use on my 29er 29 x 2.25


This is the tire I use on my 16 inch Magic Pie ext on my Trailer


For adjusting the spokes I find these mulli size spoke tools are inexpencive and work well

We have very good lights on the site but I always carry a few sets of these incase of an issue or if I am riding at night with others that do not have lights. Safety is key!

14mm Axle Pegs. These fit all of our motors except the PRO902


Bottom bracket adaptors for fitting MidDrive kits to non standard openings


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