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Magic Pie 3 and Smart Pie 3 Internal Controller

Magic Pie 3 and Smart Pie 3 Internal Controller

USD 89.00

This controller replaces all Magic Pie controllers up to version 3 as long as your original Magic pie 3 controller looks like the picture (silver and black) . If your original controller has the smooth grey backing then you need the unversal controller found here.

This controller also replaces most Smart Pie motors up to version 3. To determine if it is correct for your smart pie count the pins coming from the controller plug for your wire harness. If it is 8 you need this controller. If it is 10 you need the SP3 controller with 10 pin vector wire harness found here.

The spade plugs and screws packet is optional. Most people with newer Magic Pie or Smart Pie motors  don't need them unless you have ruined the ones you have already.

Gary Salo

Golden Motor Canada