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Magic Controller V2  10 AMP for PRO902 Motors

Magic Controller V2 10 AMP for PRO902 Motors

USD 84.00
MC2 1

Special Features:

Cruise Speed Control.
Programmable via PC to setup motor control parameters.
Motor hall sensor failure redundency (Automatically switch to sensorless control).
True regenerative braking (only effective when you squeeze the hand brake).
Other failures redundency (Work with failed throttle and power breaker).
You can force it to work with lower voltages (e.g 48V to 36V, 36V to 24V).
Report failure components by beeps.
Motor phase self detection and calibration.
Support Forward and Reverse Control.
Excessive Current Protection.
Low Voltage Protection.
High Reliability.

Controller is identical to the 25 amp versions except it is set to be comapatble with all PRO 902 Motors (controller is set at 20 peak 10 Continuos AMP for PRO 902 motors) 

Comes with wire harness a bag of spare plugs.

Cruise Controller User Guide (.pdf)