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Vector Large BLDC Wiring Diagram

Setting the MAX Speed when programming the controller.

Black Magic Install Guide

Black Magic controller programming  User guide 

901/902 install with External Controller Guide

901/902 controller programming  User guide 

Smart pie install with External Controller Guide

Magic Pie install with External Controller Guide

Magic Pie 3 unboxing and test spin up Video

Magic Pie 3 Hook up Picture

Magic Pie 3 What are the extra wires for?

Magic Pie 3 controller programming  User guide 

Magic Pie 3/4/5 How do I hook up the lights

Magic Pie 4/5 Smart Pie 4/5 User Guide

Magic Pie 4/5 Smart Pie 4/5 - Connecting to the controller.

Magic Pie 4/5 Smart Pie 4/5 -  Complete Build Video

Nagic Pie 4/5 Smart Pie 4/5  - Replacing the controller

Magci Pie 3/4/5 Smart Pie 3/4/5 Hooking up reverse

Magic Pie 5 Smart Pie 5 Bluetooth connect

Smart Display User Guide

Cycle Analyst 2 User Guide

Cycle Analyst 3 User Guide

Click HERE for a PDF of the THUN sensor dimensions.

Bac-28X Controller wiring Diagram  

What Tires can I use on my Golden Motor Product.

All of the above videos and more can be found on My YouTube Channel