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The following is a link to the Golden Motor Forum. This forum is hosted by Golden Motor China. Even though the forum is on their website, they do not provide a direct link to it. Actually i don't know of any other GM dealer that provides a link to the forum. One can only assume it is because people don't generally go to a forum because they are having a good time. People usually go to a forum if they are having an issue. This gives the impression that everyone is having issues. This is hardly the case so please keep this in mind when you browsing through the topics.


The forum is also a good place to ask pre-purchase questions. There you can get honest answers from people actually using the products, rather then from a dealer that just tells you everything you want to hear whether its true or not.


The forum is a good place to check on dealers to see if they provide good support. Golden Motor Canada offers after sales service and support that is second to none. Once you are at the forum you can type words or phrases in to the search box. You can type "gary warranty" or "Canada warranty" and read about our level of service. We have nothing to hide. You may also want to search other country or dealer names  along with warranty to see what you come up with.just remember to go back to the home page of the forum before each search or you will only get results from the area you are in.


Anyway here is the Home Page to the forum.