Finally! The iOS App is here. Control your motor with iOS or Android.

Now works with both Android and iOS Devices

Bluetooth Device for Magic Pie 5, Black Pie 5, Fat Pie 5,Smart pie 5 or Magic Pie Edge.

Use this Bluetooth dongle to connect your iOS or Android phone to your motor. This turns your device into your own Smart Display. Mount your device to your bike and use it to see current speed, power distance,etc. You can also use it for programming the settings on the controller. Pure Leading edge technology!

Watch this video to see me learning how the Bluetooth works. This video was on a Android phone.  iOS is quite similar and even easier to use.

Download the Golden Motor iOS app direct for the Apple App store here. Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Download the Android apk here

Here is an Android video showing how to install and connect the Android app.

Please Note: Although almost all devices from android 4.4 and later seem to work fine with the app we can not guarantee it will work with your device. If you order a Bluetooth dongle and it does not work with your device you can send the dongle back for a refund or exchange for a smart display.

To use this device your vector controller must be ver 5.3.1 or later. If your controller is Magic Pie 4 or before v 5.3.1 you can upgrade the controller to have Bluetooth.

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