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FATBIKE Magic Pie 5 (VECTOR) 26 Inch Rear Conversion Kit

FATBIKE Magic Pie 5 (VECTOR) 26 Inch Rear Conversion Kit

USD 499.00

Magic Pie 5 Vector with 4 Inch wide FATBIKE RIM!

Fits 195mm rear axle dropout width

With Sinewave Controller and Bluetooth for Android 4.4 or later

This motor is identical to the Magic Pie 5 Vector motor but is built wider for fatbikes.

The Fifth generation of Magic Pie with Vector Sinewave Controller, updated wire harness and controls and now Bluetooth!

The proven power and durability of the Magic Pie Motor now improved with an all new SineWave Controller and updated wire harness and controls. Sinewave Controllers are state of the art controller technology for Quiet smooth powerful acceleration and ride. The wire harness is military grade with plug and play plugs. The Bluetooth Device allows you to connect directly to the motor. Now instead of using a Smart Display and USB cable you can use your Andriod device to program the motor and mount it to your bike and use it to read current speed, power, distance, etc. 


Specifications: 24, 36 and 48 volts for 500 - 1000 watts. At 24 volt it's great for the leisurely pathways. 36 volt for the street at 32 kph and 48 volt for high speed off road power and fun! Controller is USB programmable for tweaking speed, power, regenerative braking, etc.


Field Oriented Controller. State of the Art Technology. High Efficiency. Smooth Control. Programmable and Responsive

Click here for a great article on Sine Wave Controllers and see a video here.

Click on the product video tab above for more videos.

Please Note: You must either program the controller with a Golden Motor USB cable or use a Cycle Analyst or some other means to control the speed and power of this motor at 48 volts. With out this it is Offroad use only! Please read our legal.

Kit Includes:

Magic Pie Vector motorized wheel with brushless gearless hub motor

Built in Vector Sinewave Controller for quick and easy setup.

Double-wall Aluminium Rim

Waterproof Military Grade EasyConnect wires

Your Choice of Twist Throttle or Thumb Throttle

Power brake levers for Regenerative Braking,

Control switches for cruise control and optional horn and lights.

Optional Items:

Throttle: Choose a style and voltage to match you battery. If the throttle voltage does not match your battery the throttle will still work fine but will not display remaining power on the throttles LED's properly.

USB Cable:  For programming the motor to set voltage, speed, power. etc. You need one of these. If you dont already have one order one. Download the software here.

Smart Display: A nice LCD Display for mounting on the hande Bars Displaying Speed, distance, power, etc. Also a Switch for adjusting pedelec settings if you are using one.

Bluetooth device: Turn your Android 4.4 or higher device In to your own Smart display with all the same features.

Please Note: Allthough almost all devices from android 4.4 to 6 seem to work fine with the app we can not gaurantee it will work with your device. If you order a bluetooth dongle and it does not work with your device you can send the dongle back for a refund or exchange for a smart display.

Torque Arm: Front wheels must use Torque arms. If you dont have any at least order one, two is better. Rear torque arms are optional but stil recomended for safety.

Battery is not included but can be found here.


Major improvement of internal motor controller and cooling fan!

Built in fan
Improved heat dissapating
Easy Disk Brake mounting
Major improvement in quality of wiring harness and plugs


24v- 60v
250W - 1500W
Brushless Gearless Hub Motor
High Efficiency / High Torque
Super Slim for common bikes


Vector Controller with Sine Wave Technology and Bluetooth!
24v/36v/48v Multi voltage
Max 25a Continuous power
Upgraded Mosfet
Regenerative Braking
Easily replaceable by plug
PC programmable

PLEASE NOTE: This motor is recommended to be run with a 24, 36 or 48 volt battery. You will need a USB cable to set the proper voltage. A fully charged 48 volt battery can read as high as 58 volt and the controller will still function up to 59.9 volts. If you attempt to run this motor with a battery over 48 volts you will burn the fets that are rated at 63 volts max. A fully charged 60 volt battery can read as high as 69 volts and will fry the controller as soon as you apply power. For a warranty controller replacement you must send it back to us for inspection. If the fets are burnt from over volting your warranty is void.

Gary Salo

Golden Motor Canada