I apologize but I am not a real technical person. My focus is post sales service and support. Most other companies these days are the opposite.

If you have simple general question please read or FAQ found at questions have been asked before.

If your question is more technical in nature and then I suggest you try our forum. If you are looking for advice, diagrams, documentation, speck sheets, troubleshooting tips, etc and you can’t find it on our website or in our FAQ then most likely we don’t have the answer either. Please check out our forum at Pretty much anything you can think of has been asked there before. If you search the forum and cannot find your answer please post your question there. The technical questions are best asked in our forum as the group of experts that hang out there know far more than I do. I am also an active contributor to the forum and would much rather deal with questions in the open with everyone as opposed to answering the same questions over and over again in email. I hope you can understand.

Please realize also that many that search the forum may not find their answers. Sometimes I can’t even find my own posts. Those determined to find an answer and actually post their question always find the answer. Usually with diagrams and links to follow.So In Summary…

FAQ –> You may want to start with “The most popular questions asked in Email“

Forum ->

If you are still stumped and looking for technical support please send an email to to Auto-create a support ticket. You will receive an auto-response email with further instructions.

Relevant questions may even be added to the FAQ for others to read.

If you would like direct contact just give us a call.

Please realize, If you’re a calling about a support issue you will still need to create a ticket so we can quickly follow up, rather than lose your email in the pile we receive on a daily basis. We need documentation to follow up on that a phone call or email does not help us do efficiently.

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