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Now works with both Android and iOS Devices Bluetooth Device for Magic Pie 5, Black Pie 5, Fat Pie 5,Smart pie 5 or Magic Pie Edge. Use this Bluetooth dongle to connect your iOS or Android phone to your motor. This turns your device into your own Smart Display. Mount your device to your bike [...]

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Recomended for people who want to read statistical data on their ebike. Like watts amps speed etc. Large Screen Stand Alone Cycle Analyst, now a V2.4 CA-DPS with a separate molded shunt Introduction The Cycle Analyst (formerly called DrainBrain) is the first digital dashboard and battery monitor originally designed around the specific needs of electric [...]

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Recommended for people that want to use an on-board computer to control the speed and power of their Ebike. There are 3 separate items to consider when ordering РThe Cycle Analyst unit. This is the main unit with the LCD SCreen. РThe Shunt which is required to hook up to Golden Motor Kits. If [...]

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NOT FOR EBIKES High Power version of the Cycle Analyst V3 for Large Bldc Motors and controllers ¬†   The TRS to USB Cable which is optional but does allow you to flash update the firmware on the Cycle Analyst Has all the same features of version 2.4 plus more Introduction The Cycle Analyst (formerly [...]

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Smart Display LCD for Magic Pie 5, Black Pie 5, Fat Pie 5, Smart Pie 5 and Magic Pie edge Kits. Main Specifications: Voltage self-adaption: 24V/36V/48V Speed display: real-time,average,maximum Trip duration display Mileage display: trip and cumulative mileage Backlight setting PAS level display and setting (GM pedelec required) Battery gauge display Error display Parameter setting: [...]