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Top quality Panasonic 18650GA 3450 mAh Cells Configuration: 13S4P Max Discharge Current: 25A Dimension(L*W*H): 365*90*110 mm 400-1000 charges  

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Magic Pie Conversion Kit with External Controller. For use with 6 speed freewheel. On a 26 inch rim it can Be run on 24 volt for about 20kph, 36 volt for about 32 kph or 48 volt for about 44 kph . You must either program the controller with a Golden Motor USB cable or [...]

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Model: HPM3000B — High Power BLDC Motor 1. Voltages: 48/72V 2. Rated power: 2-3KW 3. Peak power: 6KW 4. Speed: 3000-5000rpm 5. Rated torque: 10 Nm 6. Peak torque: 25 Nm 7. Efficiency: >90% 8. Dimensions: 18cm dia. 12.5cm height 9. Weight: 8kgs 10. Cooling: air or liquid cooling HPM3000 (3KW) Motor Performance Data (48V) [...]

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Light Weight 24/36 Volt 250 Watt Motorized Wheel Kit Brushless,geared and freewheels. Power Rate:250W Weight: Front 2.6 Kgs, Rear 3.0Kgs This Motor is Light and it freewheels. When the motor is off and when you pedal there is zero resistance. The 902 motor comes in two versions and is voltage independent. The 24v250 motor is [...]

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