Reg. Price $USD 12.00

3 Level Auxiliary Input Switch for CA3 Device Position 1: 1.6V Position 2: 2.5V Position 3: 3.3V

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CA3 Shunt

Reg. Price $USD 24.00

Molded 1mOhm shunt with pass thru of throttle and speedo wires for 3rd party controller integration



Reg. Price $USD 8.00

2 button up/down digital Aux input for V3.1 Cycle Analyst firmware (currently in beta). Can be used in conjunction with either a potentiometer or 3 position analogue switch to allow for independent on-the-fly adjustment of two limit settings.

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CA3-USB Cable

Reg. Price $USD 19.00

TTL->USB cable for flash firmware reprogramming and data logging

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Cycle Analyst Mounting Bracket

Reg. Price $USD 18.00

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DC Extension Cable

Reg. Price $USD 6.00

Accessory Power Extension Cable, 180 cm long with 5.5 x 2.1 mm DC terminals   Great for plugging the rear 8LED light into the Cycle Analyst.

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Dual USB Adapter

Reg. Price $USD 80.00

5V 15 Watt Isolated Output DC-DC USB Power Adapter, for 24V-72V Battery Packs Rugged and waterproof molded design plugs directly into your Cycle Analyast to convert your ebike battery power into dual USB charging ports for your smartphone, bike lights, GPS system, or tablet. Each channel has a row of embedded LEDs indicating the amount [...]

Reg. Price $USD 149.00

Very bright front and rear light set that plugs directly in the Cycle Analyst Super Bright and Super Easy to install. Includes: 1 Roxim 400 lumen front LED light 1 8 LED rear light 1 Y Splitter 1 DC Extension Cable

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Reg. Price $USD 29.00

Mini 24 Pole PAS sensor for bikes with square taper cranks. This integrated sensor is fully contained and more compact than a conventional exposed magnet ring device, and the 24 PAS poles allows for almost instant power engagement the moment you start pedaling. Internal electronics have been customized to be compatible with the CA3’s PAS [...]

Reg. Price $USD 24.00

CA3 Compatible Quadrature PAS Sensor, with Split 12 Magnet Ring for Square Taper Spindle Mount

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Roxim X4 Ebike Light

Reg. Price $USD 79.00

Finally an Ebike Light that complies with the StVZO Compliant Optics. This means It lights up the road and does not blind oncoming traffic, cyclist or pedestrians. Features: – 400 Lumen ebike light – Handlebar On/Off Push Button – 6-85V Input Range – Powers from Cycle Analyst – handlebar and fender mount attachments – Does [...]

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Steer Tube Mount for Cycle Analyst

Reg. Price $USD 13.26

Stainless Steel Steer Tube Mount for Cycle Analyst 1/4″ Bolt Hole for Cycle Analyst Fis over 1 1/8″ Steerer Tube .