All Golden Motor Black Magic Conversion Kits For Sale!



The “Black Magic” Conversion Kit

You no longer need a 48v1000w for off road and a 36v500w for on road riding.

Black Magic Motors are Multi Voltage like our Magic Pie motors.

Supports up to a seven speed freewheel.

At 36 Volts this kit is a 36 Volt 500 Watt Motor. It Performs well , climbs hills and on flat ground rolls along quite easily at 32 kph.

At 48 Volts this kit is a 48 Volt 1000 Watt monster! With a top speed of 44 kph with a 26 inch rim. Unless you use a Golden Motor USB cable to pull back watts and speed this kit is for offroad use only! It is up to you to abide by the local, regional, state and country Laws where you use our products Please read our legal!


“Black Magic” Motorized hub wheel, power brake levers for regenerative braking, Controller, switch for cruise and horn, Thumb or Twist Throttle With led Battery gauge lights , programmable Cruise motor controller that Supports Cruise Control, Regenerative Braking and reverse.

This motor is Disk Brake compatible

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