Black Pie 5 (VECTOR) 26 Inch Rear Conversion Kit On Sale

Black Pie 5 Vector with Sinewave Controller and Bluetooth for Android or iOS

This motor is identical to the Magic Pie 5 Vector motor but it has black side covers.

The Fifth generation of Magic Pie with Vector Sinewave Controller, updated wire harness and controls and now Bluetooth!

The proven power and durability of the Magic Pie Motor now improved with an all new Sinewave Controller and updated wire harness and controls. Sinewave Controllers are state of the art controller technology for Quiet smooth powerful acceleration and ride. The wire harness is military grade with plug and play plugs. The Bluetooth Device allows you to connect directly to the motor. Now instead of using a Smart Display and USB cable you can use your Android or iOS device to program the motor and mount it to your bike and use it to read current speed, power, distance, etc. 

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