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Bafang BBS02 48 Volt 500 Watt Mid Drive Kit

Bafang BBS02 48 Volt 500 Watt Mid Drive Kit

USD 501.00

With Golden Motor we already have the best hub motors and most advanced internal sine wave controllers available. Now we expand to the mid drive market with the hands down winner in its class. The Bafang Mid Drive in ranges of 250w to 1000w.

Hub motors are great, we love them. They are great for leisure rides, commutes to work and riding on trails and pathways. If you want an easy carefree ride, hub motors are it.

But if you want to go off road, ride on the beach, ride through bush trails and have exceptional power then a mid drive motor is what you are looking for. The mid drive takes advantage of the gears on your bicycle to give it great amounts of torque when needed. 

If you want mid drive and still want to ride on the street we also have Bafang Mid Drive kits in 250w, 350w and 500w models perfect for leisurely rides and commuting.

This model Specifications are:

MFG Bafang Mid Drive System.

Model: BBS02 48 Volt 500 Watt

BB: 68mm 

Chain Ring: 46T

Display: Choose

Gear Sensor: Choose

Battery: Not included

Shipping: FREE Canada and continental USA shipping