20 Inch 36V Front PRO 902 Conversion Kit on Sale

Light Weight 24/36 Volt 250 Watt Motorized Wheel Kit

Brushless,geared and freewheels.

Power Rate:250W Weight: Front 2.6 Kgs, Rear 3.0Kgs

This Motor is Light and it freewheels. When the motor is off and when you pedal there is zero resistance.

The 902 motor comes in two versions and is voltage independent. The 24v250 motor is specifically built for 24 volts and the 36v250 for 36 volts. Please be careful and use the correct voltage for the correct motor.

Kit Includes: Motorized wheel Magic Controller Thumb or Twist Throttle Control buttons for horn and Cruise Control. Power Brake levers to cut motor when on Cruise Control. All items include all the necessary wires and colour coded plugs for easy installation.

Battery not included

This motor is Disk Brake compatible


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