Thank you for your interest and browsing Golden Motor Canada. This is a bit of a long read but definitely in your best interest if you are thinking of buying a conversion kit.

The following is broken down into 7 sections

1 – About us “Who is” Golden Motor Canada

2 – Dedication to Service

3 – Dedication to Warranty

4 – Honest “Regular” Pricing

5 – Realistic “On Sale” pricing

6 – Firsthand Experience.

7 – Easy to Contact


Lets begin:

1 – About us.

First off when you buy something from most sites on the internet you really don’t know who you are buying from. You can do an endless search on their website or on Google and come up with nothing but a company name or maybe a few cartoon characters with first names. If you are buying from Golden Motor Canada you are buying from Gary Salo the CEO and founder of Golden Motor Canada. If you call or Email Golden Motor Canada you will be contacting Gary Salo directly. I do not hide from anyone. If you want to talk to me directly you can Email me at or call 1-800-717-1324.

Here is a little background on Gary Salo and Golden Motor Canada.

Back in 2009 I was surfing the internet looking for ways to go green. I was thinking about doing my part to leave the planet a better place for my children. I looked at solar panels for the roof of our home or a windmill in the back yard. Despite all the sites on the internet saying “you can go off the grid or even sell power back to the power companies” there is little reality to that. Perhaps if you want to charge a few batteries it could work, but to power a home, not likely.

 That is when I stumbled across electric bicycles otherwise known as Ebikes. I thought to myself “My daily round trip to work and back is 20 miles, what a great way to save some money and do my part to contribute to saving the planet”. I started looking at various Ebikes available trying to determine a style I liked. Frankly it was a little disappointing as most Ebikes were small and looked like plastic motorcycles. I started noticing a few here and there on the streets and thought that anyone that is larger than average size looked a little silly on them. Eventually when surfing I came across Ebike conversion kits. Since I had been an avid cyclist I already had an excellent bicycle to convert, a Schwinn 700c hybrid. So I bit the bullet and sent over a thousand dollars to Golden Motor China for my first kit.

Although it said “delivery in 5 to 8 days” on the website, it took 7 weeks for my kit to arrive. This was very stressful to me. I had wondered if I would ever receive anything at all. But when it finally arrived all was forgotten and I quickly installed the kit. Even though there were no instructions I installed the kit easily and was off for my first ride the day I received it. I must say it was fantastic! I thought to myself “the world needs to know about this!” I was actually already considering looking for a part time business to start up and have something to do when I reached my planned retirement date in 2020. This looked like a good fit. I figured ten or eleven years should give me plenty of time to develop a business to help with the finances when I start to receive my pension. 

2 – Dedication to service

Since those early days in 2009 Golden Motor Canada has grown from a simple part time business to a full-fledged Golden Motor Headquarters. Now instead of this being part time it is now a full time job with several employees. Although I still work my old job part time to collect Heath benefits for my family this Ebike business has become my full time job. The reason for such growth is service. From the time you first find our website to long after purchasing products from Golden Motor Canada you will not be disappointed in the service you will receive.

  3- Warranty Service

 We are second to none at handling issues people have and stand by our FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY on all products. Don’t be fooled by other sites that have simply copied ours. Read the warranty section and terms of use section of any site before making a purchase. SOME EBIKE DEALERS ONLY OFFER A 6 MONTH WARRANTY, OTHERS ONLY OFFER A 30 DAY WARRANTY, BUYER BEWARE.

Another thing to note about warranty service is if you do have to ship something back to us the shipping is your responsibility. We then repair it or replace it and we pay the shipping back to you. Beware of others charging you shipping both ways for warranty service. 

  4- Honest “Regular” Pricing

We don’t falsely claim to have the lowest prices. Our prices are very competitive. We don’t advertise a fake regular “list price” then show “Our Price” to make it seem less expensive. These fake list prices are generally a lot higher than what anyone is listing their products for. Frankly its false advertising and illegal. Do you want to buy from someone that is lying to you before you make a purchase?

  5- Realistic “On Sale” pricing.

We don’t offer an on sale price to make our items seem like a great deal. The reality is the sale prices from others generally just bring their prices down to our regular price. When we offer a sale price is it generally far lower than any other. Some other websites even go as far as lowering the price on “out of Stock” items to make it look like their prices are better but the price quickly goes back up when the item is back in stock.

  6– Firsthand Experience.

Over the past several years I personally have built many Ebikes with almost every combination of items. I have resolved countless issues for any customer of Golden Motor Canada. From this experience and knowledge I have posted and helped many people from my website and in our forum. I have created many videos as well as a huge FAQ (frequently asked questions) on all of our products.

I am totally honest with people when they ask questions. I give the real answer and not a “sugar coated” answer to try to get you to buy something. To be honest I don’t care if the person that asks me a question buys something. The correct answer is far more important to me. The sales will come and I get lots of them. If I have not had personal experience with a product I will tell you that. I will then either try to find the information for you or direct you to where you can find the answer yourself. I will not make up an answer if I don’t have firsthand knowledge.

  7- Easy to Contact

Incoming calls are either answered at my desk or forwarded to my cell phone. Some companies have regular hours like 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. Golden Motor Canada is different. If I am awake I answer the phone.

Email response is quick. There are times when so much email is received it is difficult to keep up. Simple questions are answered as quickly as possible. Email with more complicated or many questions are usually left until I am at my desk. Don’t be surprised if your email response contains a series of links to our FAQ. Pretty much anything you can think of has been asked before. Some questions have been asked many times. That is why Golden Motor Canada created a complex and in depth FAQ. The most common questions you can find the answers to here.

Well, I have said a lot here and thank you for reading it. If you are considering buying from Golden Motor Canada you will never regret that decision.

Gary Salo
CEO and Founder
Golden Motor Canada