700c or 29er Front Wheel Magic Pie External Controller Conversion Kit on Sale

Magic Pie Conversion Kit with External Controller. For use with 6 speed freewheel and Disk Brakes. On a 26 inch rim it can Be run on 24 volt for about 20kph, 36 volt for about 32 kph or 48 volt for about 44 kph .
You must either program the controller with a Golden Motor USB cable or use a Cycle Analyst to control the speed and power of this motor at 48 volts. With out this it is Offroad use only at 48V please read our legal.
Kit Includes:
– Magic Pie Motorized Wheel Brushless gearless hub motor
– Mounted in a Double-wall Aluminium Rim
– Cruise Controller with Regenerative Braking
– Waterproof EasyConnect wires
– Twist Throttle or Thumb Throttle
– Power brake levers for Regenerative Braking
– Control switches for horn and cruise control and reverse.
– Disk brake compatable

Sale ends when all these number go to Zero

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