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On Television


Murdock Mysteries

I was contacted by a local film production company. It was my first years in business and had more free time. I met a film crew member at a local coffee shop so I could look at a trike to see if a wheel would fit on it. They were going to use it in an Episode of the Murdock Mysteries. A very popular murder mystery show filmed in and around Toronto Canada. In the episode "Who killed the electric car" Detective Murdock takes a Magic Pie 2 out for a test drive. Click the HERE to see a clip from the show. Click HERE to see "Craig" who I met at the coffee shop that describing the car.

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In 2013 I was again contacted by Murdock Mysteries for another prop for an eposide. "The republic of Murdock" was filmed in Newfoundland Canada. In this episode they wanted an electric motorcyle that was disguised as gas powered. With this motorcycle they used a 5KW bldc motor and built the battery into the gastank.



At 2 minutes 53 seconds into this clip you can see Murdock riding on the back of it. Also a description of the motorcycle by Craig Grant, the prop master that created the bike.


The third time I was contacted by Murdock Mysteries was to electrify a Horseless Carraige. I have not found what episide it was featured in.


There is one more Movie that was filmed around the Toronto area. They purchased a Magic Pie and were going to use it in a futuristic Car. If anyone ever seesthis movie let me know at